iPRF an all-natural Biostimulating, Powerful, Regenerative non-surgical treatment for Skin & Hair

iPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin)

iPRF is an all-natural bio stimulating, powerful, regenerative non-surgical treatment now available at Beau Aesthetic Clinic, Wakefield/ Leeds. iPRF is the next generation for anti-ageing and hair loss/thinning treatments. iPRF uses the patient’s own blood to regenerate skin repair / rejuvenation and stimulate hair growth.

iPRF is 100% natural with no artificial gels or anticoagulants. It can be injected into the skin / scalp, or micro-needled on to the skin or scalp depending on the desired outcome.

iPRF uses components of your own blood which is enriched with:

· Platelets (healing proteins and growth factors)

· Fibrin (wound healing and regeneration matrix)

· Stem cells (healing and regeneration factors)

iPRF can be used for:

· Skin rejuvenation

· Volume loss

· Photo damaged skin

· Pigmentation

· Tear troughs/ eye bags

· Scarring

· Stretch marks

· Hair loss/ thinning

· Acne

Procedure takes approximately 60 minutes, and we recommend monthly treatments until your results are achieved, approximately 3-5 treatments, with 12 monthly maintenance treatments.

Results last around 18 months.

Lavinia x

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