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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

As a mother of four daughters, I felt washed out, and drab, and I thought that a beauty refining procedure would give me the boost I needed to feel reinvigorated again.

I booked the appointment with a reputable non-medical professional.

Outside the shabby hair salon I’d been directed to was a long queue of excited young girls waiting for their chance to change their appearances.

Inside the tiny back room of the salon, I found no evidence of aseptic procedures, professional testimonials, and no holistic care.

I looked back at the hopeful young girls outside and thought of my own four daughters, and I asked myself the obvious question – would I allow my daughters to have a procedure in a dive like that?

I left.

But leaving didn’t shake the unease I felt. I couldn’t help but think of the massive demand for beauty enhancement by so many young women. The risk people face relying on the non-medical providers in this industry is alarming.

I realised then that most women are worth nothing more than money in the bank to these peddlers of misery. Many unscrupulous beauty practitioners are raking in the dollars and ruining lives by using inadequate and unsafe procedures.

As a professional nurse, I knew that I could not allow this to happen. I decided to educate people to ensure that they could make safe and informed choices for themselves.

I researched the industry carefully, attended training courses with reputable companies

to advance my knowledge and skills, and then joined credible industry organisations to advance my education and safety procedures.

It was during this time that I came across an amazing business opportunity that enabled me to provide the safe, efficient, and effective beauty refining procedures for young women. The extra income earned from these procedures has enabled me to develop my knowledge whilst simultaneously being able to provide education to people who would like to have these procedures done.

I didn’t get the pick-me up procedure at that salon, and instead only use reputable licenced products, which have literally taken years off my face. I have regained my confidence and happiness. Family and friends constantly compliment my healthy, youthful appearance.

Being a mom to four, working as a full-time registered nurse, and enhancing and developing my professional skills was an enormous sacrifice. But the benefits of being an aesthetic practitioner will help generations of young women who won’t have to hide away because their dreams were destroyed by unscrupulous health practitioners.

I can show you a better way of looking after yourself both physically and mentally. I want to help you to feel and look beautiful and confident again.Contact me now to pick you up and help you enjoy a confident and happy life – lets refine your beauty.

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